We are actively recruiting new development and redevelopment opportunities.  Through the support of our retail consulting partners, Retail Strategies, we can offer analytical data to support the following:

  • Custom Demographic Research- Historical, current, and projected demographics inclusive of market trade areas by radius/drive-time, and custom trade areas associated with Alexander City
  • Tapestry Lifestyles – Psychographic Profile of Trade Area/Market Segmentation Analysis
  • Retail GAP Analysis
  • Retail Peer Analysis
  • Thematic Mapping and Aerial Imagery by trade area
  • Retail Competitor Mapping/Analysis
  • Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Market Maximization Summary and Strategic Leasing Plan
  • Identification of Priority Business Categories for Recruitment and/or Local Expansion
  • Analysis of future retail space requirements in relation to the retail market analysis, the market’s growth potential and trends in the retail industry
  • Identification of Retail Prospects to be targeted for recruitment
  • Retailer Recruitment and Execution of the Retail Strategic Plan
  • Updates on Retail Industry Trends